Greece: The share of coal in the electricity mix fell to 2% in April

The remaining lignite-fired power plants in Greece have faded from the picture, as highlighted by latest electricity market data showing the grid’s needs are now being covered by gas-fueled power stations, renewables, hydropower plants and electricity imports.

Energy-mix data concerning last week showed that lignite-fired power stations were completely sidelined. Gas-fueled power stations and renewables alternated as the country’s leading source of energy generation.

This trend continued on Sunday as all seven of the country’s remaining lignite-fired power stations – Agios Dimitrios 1-5, Megalopoli 4 and Meliti – weee planned to not operate.

For April, lignite-fired power stations contributed just 2 percent to the energy mix.

This lignite withdrawal comes at a time when carbon emission right costs have risen sharply to levels of approximately 70 euros per ton, a cost that is prohibitive for lignite-fired power stations, reported.

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