North Macedonia: Net electricity production fell to 428 GWh in March

Gross electricity production in North Macedonia decreased by an annual 35.3% in March 2024, to 455,607 MWh, according to the data published by the statistical office Makstat.

In the same period, net electricity generation fell to 427,947 MWh from 661,657 MWh in March 2023.

Thermal power plants contributed the largest portion of gross electricity production, but their production dropped 39.1% year-on-year to 220,566 MWh. Hydropower plants generated 131,021 MWh (-27.2%).

Wind energy production rose 48.7% to 16,290 MWh, while solar parks increased their electricity output 6.1% to 18,124 MWh.

Macedonia’s electricity imports nearly trebled to 194,309 MWh in March 2024, from 66,791 MWh in March 2023. Electricity exports fell 42.6% to 72,942 MWh.

Distribution losses decreased to 77,217 MWh from 77,850 MWh in last year’s March.

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