Europe: Solar energy production increased in week 18

According to AleaSoft Energy Forecasting, in the second week of May, prices in the main European electricity markets remained at similar levels to those of previous weeks, although the weekly average rose in most of them. The weekly average price fell only in the French market, which registered the lowest value, thus breaking the Iberian market’s streak of the lowest prices. Photovoltaic energy reached all-time records in Germany, Spain, France and Portugal. Wind energy production fell and gas and CO2 prices rose.

In the week of May 6, solar energy production increased in most European markets compared to the previous week. The French market registered the largest increase, 49%, reversing the downward trend of the previous two weeks. The Portuguese and Spanish markets registered increases of 35% and 16%, respectively. The German market had the smallest increase, 9.4%, maintaining an upward trend for the third consecutive week. The Italian market was the exception, with a drop in solar energy production of 2.1%.

During the second week of May, the Portuguese, Spanish, French and German markets broke historical records for daily solar photovoltaic energy production. The Portuguese market broke the production record on Sunday, May 12, with a total generation of nearly 20 GWh. Mainland Spain set the alltime record on Wednesday, May 8, with 181 GWh generated using photovoltaic energy. On the other hand, France set the record on Friday, May 10, with 128 GWh, while Germany set it on Sunday, May 12, with 382 GWh of generation using this technology. The Italian market registered the second-highest value in its history, 132 GWh, after the maximum registered on Sunday, May 5, which was 134 GWh.

For the third week of May, according to AleaSoft Energy Forecasting’s solar energy production forecasts, it will continue to increase in Germany. However, in Spain and Italy, solar energy production will decrease, AleaSoft Energy Forecasting reports.

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