Federation BiH to launch just energy transition in coal regions

The Government of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina adopted a conclusion on the implementation of measures for a just transition in FBiH in areas where active coal production is ongoing.

The conclusion states that the government expresses full commitment to the process of a just transition in the FBiH, in line with BiH’s international commitments and plans and the need to ensure energy supply for the Federation’s needs.

The Office of the Federal Prime Minister and the relevant Ministries are tasked with submitting proposals for members to be included in the Interdepartmental Ministerial Commission-MManagement Board of FBiH for activities related to the development of the Energy Sector Just Transition Strategy of FBiH by 2030 with projections until 2050 and support for just transition projects.

The Federal Ministry of Energy, Mining, and Industry is tasked with preparing a proposal for the appointment of the Interdepartmental Ministerial Commission-MManagement Board of FBiH to support just transition projects in FBiH and submitting it to the government for consideration and adoption.

In line with this conclusion, power utility EPBiH and the coal mines Zenica, Kreka, Kakanj, and Banovici are tasked with providing full support and coordination with the World Bank through their internally appointed working bodies to provide the data necessary for identifying priority investments as well as assessing indicators for monitoring progress and achievement of the project.

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