Serbia: Krivaca wind farm commissioned

The Krivaca wind farm stands as a testament to Serbia’s growing commitment to renewable energy. Situated in Eastern Serbia, it is one of the largest wind farms in the region and the first of its kind in the area. This significant investment, valued at 165 million euros, facilitates an annual production of 310 GWh of green energy, capable of powering 75,000 households. With 22 cutting-edge wind turbines spanning across 56 square kilometers, the 105.6 MW wind farm meets the highest global green standards. Remarkably, this substantial project was completed in just over two years by MK Group and Alfi Renewables.

Utilizing wind energy not only enhances energy security but also plays a vital role in mitigating climate change and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The Krivaca wind park is projected to cut carbon dioxide emissions by an impressive 120,000 tons annually. Throughout the project implementation, investors also constructed 30 kilometers of new roads, 40 kilometers of transmission lines, a substation, and a connection and distribution plant.

Mihailo Janković, CEO of MK Group, emphasized the pioneering role of the company in renewable energy. Over the past decade, MK Group has spearheaded the development of wind energy in Serbia, culminating in the inauguration of the fourth wind farm in their portfolio and the first in Eastern Serbia. This collaborative effort with Alfi Renewables represents a significant step towards enhancing green energy production and sets a precedent for regional energy development.

Furthermore, Alfi Renewables, managing the Alfi Green fund, which is the largest regional fund for renewable energy investment, is committed to environmental improvement. Through strategic partnerships and investments, Alfi Renewables aims to develop renewable energy projects totaling around 300 MW. Tomaž Berločnik, a partner at Alfi Renewables, highlighted the fund’s mission to drive the green transition in the region and announced plans for an even larger fund in the future.

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