Serbia: MK and Alfi commissioned 106 MW Krivača wind park

MK Group and Alfi Renewables inaugurated Krivača Wind Park in eastern Serbia. At 105.6 MW in capacity, it is the first such facility in the country south of the Danube as well as the Sava River.

The construction of the Krivača wind farm  Began in May 2021. It is the first RES project in Serbia with a commercial power purchase agreement, utility PPA.

Krivača is the second wind power plant put into operation in Serbia since 2019. The other one, inaugurated in November has 9 MW in capacity.

The 165 million euros investment in Krivača wind park, enables the production of 310 GWh per year, sufficient to supply 75,000 Serbian households. The wind park consists of 22 wind turbines in an area of 56 square kilometers.

MK Group and Alfi Renewables said they built Krivača in an extremely short period for such a large project, just over two years. It meets the highest global green standards, they claimed.

The companies said the wind park is important for strengthening energy security and estimated it would reduce CO2 emissions by as much as 120,000 tons per year. MK Group and Alfi Renewables stressed that they built 30 kilometers of new roads, 40 kilometers of transmission lines and a substation with a switchyard.

MK Group’s Chief Executive Officer Mihailo Janković, said that the company was a pioneer in the renewable energy sector, as it opened the first wind farm in Serbia ten years ago. Krivača is the fourth in its portfolio.

“Through independent and partner projects, we will enable the total production of as much as 1 GW of energy from renewable sources in the next three years. We will invest close to EUR 1 billion in wind energy and solar energy”, Janković said, Balkan Green Energy News reports.

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