Serbia: Nofar starts building a 26 MW solar park

Nofar Energy started the construction of a 26 MW solar park in north Serbia, divided into two units that would be connected to the distribution network. The project is worth around 25 million euros. The company said it would complete it before the end of the year.

Two units have connection approval for 9.999 MW each from electricity distribution operator Elektrodistribucija Srbije (EDS). There is no standalone solar power unit yet on the country’s transmission network.

The two PV facilities span 15 hectares each on a 116-hectare plot, planned for the solar park’s expansion. Nofar Energy has launched the projects via its subsidiaries, Forest Energy and Energia Solis.

The Ada1 and Ada2 solar parks are expected to produce 33.2 GWh per year, according to Nofar Energy. It also revealed that the project costs EUR 25 million. The Turkish company Girişim Elektrik is the contractor. 

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